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Goals For The Month | April 2018

March 25, 2018 1 Comment

Happy Sunday, friends! Welcome to the first “Goals For The Month” blog post! This month, I’m focusing my attention towards things that bring out my creative side. Since moving to New Mexico from my hometown of Tennessee two years ago, I’ve quit most of my hobbies and feel as though I’ve lost my creative edge. Therefore, it’s time for a change. Leaving my creativity behind has made me feel as though I have forgotten an important part of myself. So, this month is dedicated to pursuing new and old hobbies! And that requires planning.

The Plan

If you’re anything like me, you love planning your schedule, but have a hard time actually following through and/or accomplishing everything on your list. I’ve recently started using the Google Drive Calendar as a way to visualize my different pursuits, and to ensure I manage my time as effectively as possible. If I can see my schedule, I’m much more likely to remember and complete the tasks. Google Drive has many great benefits, like the fact that it doesn’t take up any memory on my computer’s hard drive. And it automatically syncs up with the calendar on my phone. Perfect for those of us who have a tendency to forget to do something without some sort of reminder.


[[Some of my goals are “to-do’s”, but not all of my “to-do’s” are goals.]]


I want to make a note here that these are “goals” and not “to-do’s”. There is a difference. To-do’s are necessary tasks that are based in the “need” category, but not as much in the “want” category. To-do’s fall under “adulting”, while goals can be categorized in whatever way suits you. Goals should be challenging, fun, and realistic. Some of my goals are “to-do’s”, but not all of my “to-do’s” are goals.


The Goals

+Test Canon Camera → I’ve been asked to photograph a wedding in May, and although I am nowhere near professional, I’m very excited to practice and hone my photography skills. I only have an Olympus Pen E-PL 7 (great for Vlogging), and my iPhone, so my dad let me borrow his old Canon camera. My goal is to familiarize myself this week with the features, specifically lighting.

+Create Website → If you’re reading this, I can check this goal off the list!

+ Start Hawaii Video → Another step back into the creative world is making travel videos like I used to. I have a lot of footage from my recent honeymoon in Hawaii, and would like to start organizing the video files to make the editing process easier.

+Workout → I am also a bridesmaid in the wedding in May, so… time to get back on my spin bike! I have scheduled time to workout for Tuesday and Thursday morning, since those are the days I have the most time at home. I honestly do not have any type of passion for working out (besides power walking), so I’m hoping that having set times in my schedule will be a motivator and hold me accountable.

+Less Caffeine → I’ve been refilling one of my favorite water bottles as a way to help “inspire” myself to drink more water. If you have a cute water bottle, you’re more likely to drink from it, right? 🙂

+Go to bed before midnight → Getting a good night’s rest is absolutely vital for my anxiety and mental health. My husband and I have been very jet lagged from our honeymoon, and my goal is to stop going to bed at or near 2 am. Occasional melatonin is a great way to ensure this, haha!

+ Quizzes for School → I have scheduled specific times on the days I know I will be in an uninterrupted setting.


What are your goals for the month? How do you plan to implement them? Are there any old hobbies you would like to start again? Please share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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