Southwestern Dining & Living Room Tour

May 10, 2018 No Comments

Southwestern Dining & Living Room Tour

May 10, 2018 No Comments

Welcome back, friends! Today’s post is all about our southwestern decor! If you ever happen to find yourself in New Mexico, you’ll see a lot of the houses (and apartments) are Adobe-style. Everyone here embraces the southwestern vibe, and the decor is amazing! Before going further in this post, I wanted to explain a bit more about our specific southwestern decor. My husband, Daniel, is half-Navajo / half-caucasian. The decor in our home is very special, as it has been passed down in my husband’s family for many years. His parents recently moved into a new home, and much of their decor was going to have to be placed into storage. We gladly offered up our house as an alternative, since we hadn’t decorated our home yet. The Kachina dolls, sand paintings, and blankets were once his grandmother’s, then his father’s, and now ours. It’s a privilege to care for them and honor them in our house. Throughout this post, I’ll be sharing insight into the significance of different decor pieces. Enjoy!

The Dining Table

The two sand paintings are representations of a ceremonial dance called “The Nine Day-Night Chant”.

Finding the perfect dining table was a bit of a daunting task, as neither of us has bought a table larger than four seats before. We looked at a few different ones before walking by Pier 1 Imports and seeing this table in the display. It is perfect: The dining table matches the style of our home exactly, isn’t too large that it overwhelms the space, and seats six people comfortably.

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Heartland 80″ Dining Table
Heartland Dining Chairs

The Bookcase

I eyed this shelving unit for a few years before moving into our house. Once we moved in, we realized we needed something that would hold our growing collection of movies & television shows (Daniel & I collect them), but also be easily accessible. Any media console I found that had enough space to hold DVDs was either too large or too expensive. That’s when I got the idea to use baskets to hold our movies in this unit! It enables us to have our DVDs near, as well as utilize the extra space for decor.

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Diedrian Etagere Bookcase
Mocha Water Storage Bins with Handles
Honey Woven Jute Rectangular Basket
Copper & Mocha Kiva Storage Bins
Threshold Rustic Wood Two Frame

The Couch

Although I would love a white couch someday, this gray one is comfy and serving its purpose for now. The yellow and striped decor pillows came with the couch. I love matching decor pillows, so I don’t know why I never order two of the same, ha! I’ve chosen different shades of blue for my pop of color for the living room.

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Hodan Sofa Chaise
Lillian Farag Painterly Pillow
Sunscene Pillow

The Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder has been with me for the past year and a half, and it’s one of my favorite decor pieces! I used to keep blankets that I used regularly on it, but now it’s the perfect place to hang our Navajo blanket and rug that was given to my husband’s grandmother. My exact blanket ladder is sold out, so I linked a few options below.

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Black Wood Ladder

The Media Table

Our media table was originally meant for the entryway, but the size is absolutely perfect to hold all of our consoles! Almost everything on the top of our media table has been given to us as a gift. I saw the blue pot at Target and had to get it, as I think it helps tie the green and blue colors of the room together.

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Birch Lanek Larksmill Console Table

The Coffee Table

Our coffee table was given to my husband a few years ago. We’ve started looking at others, but I think this light brown wood ties the room together quite nicely. I think our “Bless You” tissue holder is my favorite part :). I wasn’t able to find the Bless You tissue holder online, but I did see it in the Altar’d State store earlier this week!

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Threshold Woven Tray

The Fireplace

Our fireplace is one of the most special places in the entire house. When the Kachina dolls and sand painting were handed down to us, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried. The Kachina dolls are representations of spiritual beings, such as warriors or dancers.

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Wicker Lidded Round Storage Basket
Round Seagrass Basket
Decorative Basket

I hope you enjoyed our southwestern dining & living room tour! As always, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below!


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