How To Create A Welcoming Entryway

May 17, 2018 No Comments

How To Create A Welcoming Entryway

May 17, 2018 No Comments

Welcome back, friends! Today is another home decor post! I absolutely love sharing my decorating tips, and would love to hear if you have any to share as well! Everything that wasn’t a gift is linked at the bottom of the post! Enjoy!

Choose Your Theme

I chose to decorate our entryway with all things travel. Immediately at the front door and along the hallway, are photos from various excursions we’ve taken over the years. I like using travel photos to welcome guests into our home, as it adds a personal touch. Continuing with the travel theme, on top of our entryway table sits three elephants my dad brought back from his various mission trips to India.

Hang A Large Mirror Or Frame To Open The Space

Mirrors always help to brighten up a room and enlarge a space. We’ve rested one mirror on the entryway table, while hanging three large frames on the opposite side. This gives the illusion the space is a bit bigger and brighter than it truly is.

Add Floral Decor

I’ve had these faux flowers in various areas of my residences, and finally decided to put them at the front door. While they don’t match the theme completely, they definitely add a spring and summer feel to the space.

Use Gifts As Decor

I’ve opted to hang photographs of trips rather than souvenirs in our entryway. While I would love to add travel souvenirs in the future, most of the decor pieces in this space have been either given to us as gifts, or handed down to us. The cradle board and the wedding dolls on the ledge were given to my husband and me by my husband’s parents. The two baskets hanging on the wall are wedding baskets, and the Navajo rug was made by our friend’s grandmother. These are all incredibly special and important pieces to us, so we wanted to set them in a place where they would be out of harms way (away from our cats), but still be seen frequently. I love having these pieces placed at the entrance of our home, as I see them well everyday and it allows me to feel closer to our families, since neither of our families live in Albuquerque.

Change It Up

While I love the way our entryway is set up right now, we recently purchased a floor length mirror that I think would look amazing in the space! Don’t be afraid to work with what you have and change up or rearrange different spaces in your home!

Shop The Look:

Espresso Finish Matte Wall Frames
Harper Demi Lune Console Table
Gold Luster Mosaic Gold Glass Vase
Our exact door rug is not available, but I found one similar here.

Do you have any entryway decor ideas you’d like to share? Please let me know if the comments below!


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