Tips For Creating A Productive Work Space

May 22, 2018 2 Comments

Tips For Creating A Productive Work Space

May 22, 2018 2 Comments

Hello, friends! As someone who spends most of her time at home (i.e., take online classes at home & work from home), it has been essential for me to figure out the best way to set up a work space that is both open & productive. When I first shot this post, my desk was facing the wall. I have since turned my desk, and re-shot the post, allowing to better help you create the perfect work space! While I know many people work in offices that require cubicles, many of these tips can still be applicable! Everything is linked at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

Face The Room, Not The Wall

This tip is really only relevant outside of a cubicle. But if you do happen to find yourself working from a cubicle, adding a white medium-sized calendar (or frame) will help to open the space up a bit more! Altering the direction of your desk so that you are facing towards the room not only keeps your paranoia at bay (ha), but allows you to feel.

Decorate With Essentials

I chose to decorate my desk very colorfully, as it keeps me happy and less stressed. The key is to not get so overly excited with the decorations that you forget to have necessities on your desk. I like to keep my pens & pencils out, as that allows them to be easily accessible. I’ve also kept a few books out that I reach for frequently.

Invest in Computer Glasses

These glasses are designed to relieve eye strain and protect your eyes. I’ve just started using them, so I can’t give a full review, but as someone who is on a desktop/laptop/iPad/cell phone 80% of the day, I wanted to try and help my eyes out a little bit.

Keep Your Electronics Separate

I’m sure most people follow this tip already, but it’s still worth mentioning. Having a drawer dedicated to all things electronics is essential to keeping an organized and productive work space. Don’t put your electronics in the junk drawer! They’ll get lost in the black hole and you’ll never find them. I opted for a desk with two drawers: one is for electronics and the other is more of a “junk” drawer.

Remember: Sticky Notes Are Not Clutter

I use sticky notes for a multitude of reasons: Reminders, ideas, and cheesy motivational quotes. They’re a great way to keep reminders for yourself, as well as stay aesthetically pleasing.

Use A Filing System

Truth be told, I’m a dedicated filer. I have a small filing cabinet separate from my desk that I use to store all important documents. But on my desk, I’ve added a magazine holder to use as my easily accessible filing system for documents that I’m going to need that current week or month. Once the document is no longer needed at the present time, it goes in the main filing cabinet.

Minimize Clutter By Decorating Space Around You

It’s no secret that I love decor. But if I keep multiple frames on my desk, it’s going to start to feel cluttered and I’ll become unproductive. Most of my decor on the shelf behind me has been given as gifts to me over the years, and therefore are very special to me. I like having them near me, and although they are not facing me, I see them everytime I stand up and sit down.

Use A Calendar, Not Just A Planner

I love planners and planning and color coding and all of that. But I also need to be able to physically see my month in front of me in a larger format than a planner. I use the Google Calendar and a dry erase calendar. That might be a bit excessive for some people, but I like the idea of being able to erase and rewrite to-do’s and events on a board as an almost rough-draft of sorts.

Consider A Seat Cushion & Pillow

As someone with a (very) bad back, a pillow or seat cushion is essential. I currently don’t have a proper desk chair, but even when I was using one in the past, I always had to add a support of some sort.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for creating a productive work space! If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the comment below! Thanks so much for reading!

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  • Brooke May 22, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Love the idea of computer glasses! My eyes get so strained! Where did you find yours? Thank you 🙂

    • Anna Atchison May 22, 2018 at 1:58 pm

      Hey girl! I definitely recommend them! I thought I had linked them, but I never did. I’m sorry! You should be able to find the link at the bottom of the post now!

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