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Road Trip Outfits + Lookbook | Summer 2018

May 23, 2018 No Comments

Hello, friends! Today I’m bringing you three outfit ideas perfect for traveling on the road! As someone who grew up taking road trips multiple times a year, I’m so excited to begin sharing my knowledge & tips with you on all the things road trip travel! There are two different types of road trips: 1. A one destination trip, and the road is simply the journey to get there. And 2. A multiple destinations trip, where the bulk of the excursion will be spent inside a vehicle; essentially, the journey is the destination. All outfits and tips listed below can be applied to both types of trips. I’ve listed each article of clothing I suggest for road trip travel, and then included a lookbook portion at the end of the post! Enjoy!


A Classy, but Comfortable Tee

This peplum top is my go-to, as it’s a tee, but the peplum bottom adds a bit of class. I’ve worn this top with denim cut-offs, as well as a nice pair of pants. The material is a bit thick, so you may rather opt for something a little thinner. This white pocket tee is made out of thin material, which can be exceedingly beneficial if traveling in the heat of summer. I absolutely love the look a long-sleeve tee paired with shorts offers. There’s something about it that feels so classy, yet casual. Wearing a long-sleeve can prevent you from needing to bring a sweater (although I still recommend it!).

A Reliable Pair of Shorts

Find a pair of shorts that are going to be comfy enough to sit in all day, but stylish enough to not feel like you just rolled out of bed in your PJs (unless that’s the look you’re going for!). These shorts by Lou & Grey are perfect for traveling. They have the softness of workout shorts, and the classiness of a regular pair of everyday shorts.

Casual, But Classy Jeans

Invest in a pair of jeans that are soft, legging-like, but capable of withstanding some moving around. Test and try out a few before you finally decide on the perfect pair (or pairs). My favorite are these from Ann Taylor. I love the dark denim, as I think it adds a bit of class, but they are soft enough to feel like leggings. In addition, they’re not too tight around my waist when I sit down, so as to make it uncomfortable, but they still suck me in a bit when I stand up.

Travel Shoes

I almost feel like I should do a separate post on travel shoes. If that’s something you’d be interested in, please let me know in the comments below! There are several ways to go about choosing the perfect shoe for travel. If you’re on a journey is the destination road trip, where you’ll be stopping frequently to take photos, one option is to wear a comfortable pair for rest stops, dining, etc. while keeping a cuter pair next to you for any photos you may want to be in. Another option is to find a comfortable and cute pair that you would be happy having in photos. I’m very short, so I don’t love wearing flats in photos – I like something with a bit of a heel. These Anne Klein sport shoes are the best I’ve ever found – they’re comfortable, they go with almost any outfit, and they have a bit of a heel on them. Still, there’s nothing wrong with keeping that extra pair nearby for photos if you want!

A Hat

Don’t underestimate the power of a good hat. Whether you like ball caps or sun hats, either can add serious style to your outfit. If wearing a ball cap, find a color that fits the travel outfits you’re bringing. A sun hat goes well with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Simple Statement Jewelry Pieces

Pick a necklace (or 2) that go with your travel outfits. I recommend wearing something simple and elegant. Additionally, find one (or two) pairs of earrings like pearls or hoops, that will match your outfit without making it look overdressed. A nice pair of pearls or hoops adds style to any outfit!

Outfit Lookbook

Peplum Top + Lou & Grey Shorts + Sneakers

Shop The Look:

Peplum Tee
Poplin Shorts
Dr. Scholl’s Walking Shoe
Kate + Alex Nylon Bag

Long Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts + Slip-Ons

Shop The Look:

Long Sleeve Tee
Alternative Denim Cut-Offs
Forever Faithful Necklace
Sport Slip-On Shoe
Straw Fedora
Kate + Alex Nylon Bag
Alternative Sunglasses

Casual Tee + Classy Jeans + Sandals

Shop The Look:

Pocket Tee
All Day Skinny Jeans
Similar Light Denim Jean Jacket

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