3 Tips To Make Your Guestroom A Home Away From Home

June 4, 2018 1 Comment

3 Tips To Make Your Guestroom A Home Away From Home

June 4, 2018 1 Comment

1. Hang Welcoming Wall Signs

To ensure a welcoming first impression, add a few wall frames that speak towards ensuring a happy and relaxing visit. I picked up these cute wall signs from Altar’d State during Black Friday last year. The wood frames are consistent with the theme of the room, while letting our guests know we want them to feel at home in our house.

2. Use A Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral colors will give your guests that calming feeling they need after a long day of travel (and for the time away from their own home). Keeping the colors neutral and calm will allow your guests to feel at home more easily than in a room with excessive bright colors and a loud comforter.

3. Add A Touch Of Familiarity

I love walking into a room and being able to see familiar faces in frames. Placing photos of friends and family members around the room allows your guests to see themselves in the frame and relive fond memories. I’ve also hung a beautiful cross decor piece my sister-in-law made me for Christmas a few years back. Adding decor pieces that have been given as gifts immediately initiates a more welcoming feeling. I also suggest keeping extra blankets somewhere in the room for your guests.

Bonus Tip: Put A Dresser In The Guestroom

I’ve labeled this tip a bonus because it simply isn’t possible or justifiable for everyone (our dresser was originally a gift to my husband several years ago, and since I already had a dresser when we got married, we moved his to the guestroom). I like the idea of putting a dresser in the guest bedroom, as it allows your guests a chance to really unpack and feel at home. But buying a dresser just for a guestroom isn’t cheap and sometimes it just isn’t reasonable. Instead, opt for plenty of hangers in the closet, and maybe a small table in the room. I also recommend a luggage holder, but I still need to invest in one myself! Make room for your guests to store their luggage, and you’re all set!

This wraps up this month’s home decor blog posts! I hope you found these tips helpful & if you have any comments, questions, or helpful suggestions, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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  • NP June 6, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    May I reserve this very welcoming guest room?? I love your use of many small personal items and your subtle color scheme. Excellent work my dear!! XOX

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