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How I Organized Our Pantry

December 18, 2019 No Comments

Today I’m sharing how I *finally* decided to organize our pantry. It’s taken me awhile to figure out exactly how I want to organize our food and other pantry necessities. The space is quite small, but with the right organizers, we’ve turned it into the perfectly-sized pantry for our family! The reality is, bigger space does not equal better organization. There are so many ways to organize a space, and in my opinion, the smaller the better! That’s where your creativity can really come into play.

The reality is, bigger space does not equal better organization.

Three Reasons To Organize Your Pantry:

1. It makes cooking (and life) easier: You can find your ingredients quicker, & also be able to see what you need to add to your grocery list easier.
2. Everyone in the house can know what snacks are available: Whenever you hear, “Do we have anything to eat?” You can reply with, “Check in the snack basket!”
3. It has a positive impact on mental health: When our homes are disorganized, it often means we have turmoil inside of us, or just a lot going on at the moment. Having even just one place—like a kitchen pantry—organized and looking nice, can help us feel a little less overwhelmed.

Having even just one (small) place organized can help us to not feel so overwhelmed.

Baskets For Organization

I got these baskets from Target several months ago as a means to separate the food in our pantry into categories. It was a great idea, but got extremely messy and disorganized as we started loading food into each basket without focusing on the specific categories. To fix this, I started from scratch by removing everything from the pantry and separating all of the food into categories (once again). I then decided to put the categorized baskets back into the pantry vertically. This meant less extra space for us to cram food between baskets. The categories I follow are:
Cereal, Pasta & Rice, Canned Food, Tea, Coffee, & Medicine, Snacks, & Baking/Cooking Essentials.

Door Rack For Spices

We had been keeping our spices in a cabinet, but since I am barely 5’2″, I found myself unable to see well enough to find the spices I was looking for. We opted for this door-hanger, and organized our spices alphabetically. We bought the rack separately, and were able to customize how many and what size baskets we need.

Lazy Susan For Medicine

I’ve always wanted a Lazy Susan, and finally decided to try it out. It’s extremely functional for storing our medicine, as we can just turn the organizer to the specific divider we’re looking for. I highly recommend a Lazy Susan for items like medicine, baking essentials, and bathroom storage (another blog post!).

Cabinet Organizers For Tea

I used these kitchen organizers to store our various types of tea. I found a tea organizer on Amazon, but it only had eight compartments, and since we have quite a few more than eight types of teas, I decided to try out kitchen organizers from The Container Store. We simply lift up the organizer to reach the other tea compartments. It’s very simple and functional!

How do you organize your kitchen pantry? I’d love to know in the comments below! Be sure to check out the InstaStory I did showing a more in-depth look into our pantry!

-Anna A.

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